Osteopathy for pregnant women at the Dove Osteopathy Practice, Nottingham

Osteopaths at the Dove Practice are able to help alleviate the aches and pains associated with postural and body changes that happen during pregnancy

Osteopathic treatment has been used for some years to help relieve the muscular aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy.

The osteopath’s primary concern is the safety of the mother and baby. Therefore if you are in the early stages of pregnancy, within the first twelve weeks, please ask to speak with the osteopath before booking an appointment.

Wendy Dove helps babies and children using the cranial osteopathic approach


Conditions which pregnant women commonly complain of include:

Generalised low back pain

Pelvic pain including Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Neck aches and headaches associated with the neck



Osteopathy offers a safe form of treatment for muscular pains during pregnancy.