Nottingham Osteopath Wendy Dove examining lumbar spineOsteopathy treatment can be suitable for people experiencing a wide range of symptoms including back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain and more. In addition, we see patients with sport’s injuries, headaches arising from the neck, and many other problems concerning the musculoskeletal system.

Osteopathy considers the body as a whole, looking at the underlying cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. While no two patients are alike, for acute (i.e. recent) problems which have just occurred, a patient may attend, on average, for between 3–4 treatments. However, many of our patients with an on-going condition find benefit by continuing with regular maintenance treatment, perhaps every month or two.

Osteopathy uses a variety of manual, hands-on techniques to treat the patient. Osteopaths are probably best known for ‘clicking’ or manipulating the joints, particularly of the back. However, osteopaths are also trained to use other, more gentle techniques, such as articulating or moving the joints, massage of the muscles and stretching the tissues, whilst cranial osteopathy is a technique using very gentle pressure to try to relieve strain. However, all methods of treatment have the same aim; to reduce pain, increase movement, and restore function. Most importantly, the treatment plan is designed for the individual patient; what is suitable for a young fit rugby player would not necessarily be suitable for an older person with osteoporosis. The osteopath is trained to choose the most appropriate treatment for each individual and will explain and agree this with you before commencing any treatment.

Osteopaths Registered With The GOsC

All Our Osteopaths Are GOsC Registered

The General Osteopathic Council ( GOsC) is responsible for the regulation of osteopaths in the UK, in the same way as the General Medical Council is responsible for the regulation of GP’s. Since May 2000 only appropriately qualified practitioners, who have undertaken an approved course of study, (usually a four year degree) and are registered with the GOsC, are allowed to use the title Osteopath.


“In approximately June 2009, I once again became a patient of Miss Wendy Dove.

Several times previously, she had “eased” me, as I waited for a hip operation. After the hip was replaced, I had extreme problems with a numb swollen foot and I was unable to walk well. As suggested by the surgical team I waited, after about 10 days they said the swelling would go down in my foot. But I was left with a sensation of a tight “figure of eight” bandage permanently around my ankle, with severe pins and needles in most of my toes. After two doppler tests I was told nothing was wrong with my circulation. Also, that it could take up to a year to resolve.

Unable to put up with the miserable foot, I again asked Miss Dove if she would try to help me. She has treated me every two or three weeks since then, for about eight months. Every time I go to her I can walk almost normally for two days, with much less discomfort and greatly reduced pins and needles.
I hope Miss Dove will continue to treat me as she thinks fit.

She has always treated me as a friend, for which I am grateful.”